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Vol. 1 No. 8 Spring-Summer 2021

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13990723250155 Economic Evaluation of Water Desalination and Power Generation Using Flare Gases of Assaluyeh
mostafa Jafari
mohammad shahabdeljoo
Mohammad Hossein Sarrafzadeh
2 13991008251460 Investigation of Reservoir Quality of Sarvak Formation Using Well-Logging Data in an Oilfield in the Abadan Plain
Mohammad Hossein Saberi
Bahman Zare Nejad
Elham Asadi Mehmandosti
Nasim Rahmani
3 14000526274543 Technical and Economic Investigation of Methods to Satisfy Thermal Energy Demands of Off-grid Gas Pipeline Area – Case Study: Khorasan Razavi Province
Amirhesam Banejad
Hamidreza afshoun
Seyed Mehdi Jabbari
4 14000627274778 Technical and economic comparison of propylene production methods through propane dehydrogenation technologies (PDH)
Mohammad Irani
Farzad Bahadoran
5 13981220235941 Investigating the Appropriate Service Model in the Iranian Liquefied Gas Industry: A World Class Approach
6 14000403273983 Contractor breach and guarantee of its implementation in the general terms of the matched contract (pc) of the oil industry
mohsen seıfollahı
akbar bashiri
reza sokuti

Vol. 2 No. 7 Autumn-Winter 2021

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13980221179239 Simulation and Optimization of Hydrotreating Section of Catalytic Reforming Unit of Abadan Oil Refinery
Farhad Shahraki
Kiyanoosh Razzaghi
Sajjad Nouri
2 13980228179482 Hybrid Neural network-GA modeling for separation of linear and branched paraffins by adsorption process for gasoline octane number improvement
Niloufar Fatourehchi
Zahra Mashayekhi
Saeed Sadeghpour Galooyak
Majid Masoumi
3 13980225179400 Investigating the Necessity of Underground Storage Construction for Natural Gas in Razavi Khorasan Province
maysam rajabi
ehsan janbeygi
ehsan Esmailnezhad
4 13990917251138 Investigation of helium situation in the world to plan this new important ‎economic resource for Iran
Reza Ahmadi
Masoumeh Shariati Zarch
5 13990202236710 Simulation of Converting Flare Gas to Gasoline Process to reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity
mostafa Jafari
Alireza Behroozsarand
6 13991030251790 Investigation of different methods of desalination of crude oil and the operation of various types of electrostatic desalination
ashkan maleki
mehrzad mahmoudi
Ehsan pourvali
7 13971009166567 Accelerating the Nucleation Process Nonporous Materials in Gas Storage
Ahmad Ghozatloo

Vol. 1 No. 7 Spring-Summer 2020

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13980315189945 Investigation on LNG Plant in Small Scale
samira ahmadi
2 13980315189945 Investigation on LNG Plant in Small Scale
samira ahmadi
3 13980231179576 Modeling of the parallel-competitive reaction of Villermaux-Dushman in selected microreactors Using COMSOl Software
Peyvand Valel-e-Sheyda
majid yarmohammad touski
4 13990320237676 A review on the recently developed methods of the methane emission inventory estimation in the natural gas distribution network
Mohammad Saeed Khatami
Hamidreza afshoun
Seyed Mehdi Jabbari
5 13980708192587 3D Simulation and effect of temperature on crack elliptically axial and cirumferential in the cylindrical vessels
Jalil Jamali
Hadi Raki
6 13980125178669 A New Method for Optimal Operation of a Cooling Tower in The Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
7 13980412190566 Technical and practical analysis of Skid mounted LNG plant in IRAN
Ahmad Ghozatloo
niloufar fatourehchi
Mehran Sarmad
mansooreh basirat
8 13971227178309 Review the effects of sanctions on international oil contracts
arezoo malekshah
rahele syyed morteza hossini

Vol. 2 No. 6 Winter 2020

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13970921166159 Provide a Method for Designing a Bubble Column Reactor for the Converting Natural Gas to Liquid Fuel
Mohammad Irani
REZA Hayati
2 13980127178712 Simulation and Optimization of Air Separation Unit of Lorestan Petrochemicals Using Aspen Hysys Software
Amin Hassanvand
Amin Kolivand
Sajjad Hajizaman
Peyman Rezazadeh
3 13980124178649 Legislation of the Contract for Production sharing in Iran
arezoo malekshah
rahele syyed morteza hossini
4 13980129178761 Visualization Investigation of Foam Injection in a Transparent Fractured Porous Medium
Mohammad Reza Doudman Kushki
Abolghasem Emamzadeh
5 13980120178574 Syngas Production in Non-catalytic Partial Oxidation Reactor in Porous Media
Hessamoldin Nourbaksh
Akbar Zamaniyan
Javad Rahbar Shahrouzi
Yahya Zamani
6 13980814193288 Investigation of Polystyrene/SDBS Effect on Methane Hydrate Formation in Presence of Zinc Nanoparticles
Ahmad Ghozatloo
Shahla Azarshin
7 13980805193118 Simulation and Optimization of Ethane Recovery Process in Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company
fazlallah dehghani
Reza Mosayebi Behbahani

Vol. 1 No. 6 Summer 2019

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139609011484519281 A Novel Design for Plate Fin Heat Exchanger in LNG Propane Precooled Cycle
- -
2 13970928166295 Modeling of Gas Hydrate Formation Conditions in Soroush-Abouzar Sea Transmission Line
Mohammad Derajkhshan
Nadia Esfandiari
3 1397032314057112741 Investigating Gas Condensate of Kopet Dag, Bandar Abbas and Central Iran Regions Using Isotope and Biomarker Data
Mohammad Hossein Saberi
Azadeh Hosseini
4 13971005166453 Comparing the Performance of the Fixed-bed, Fluidized-bed and Slurry Bubble Column Tri-reformers Reactors to Produce Synthesis Gas
Zahra Arab
Meysam Abdosheikhi
5 13971201177708 Simulation of Evaporation and Condensation Phenomena in the Plate-Fin Converter of the LNG Process Using the CFD Method and Assessing Aspen Muse Software Performance
Mohammad Irani
REZA Hayati
Mehran Sarmad
6 13980419190714 Decreasing the Inlet Mercaptan to LPG Treatment to Increase the Efficiency of Adsorber section
azarakhsh godarzi
zahra arab abosadi
7 13980117178482 Feasibility Study and Selection of Suitable Process for Flare Gas Recovery in Parsian Refinery
Mastaneh Hajipour
Ebrahim Esalati

Vol. 2 No. 4 Winter 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1396090110203819268 The role of gas in the environment and resistance economy
Mohammad Jeddi
Hamid Khedry
2 1396092213525019628 Investigation of methane and carbon dioxide gases permeability through PEBAX/PEG/ZnO nanoparticle mixed matrix membrane
Mohammad hossein Jazeb zahed
Shirin Khazraei
3 1396092513491419667 heat transfer improv in heat exchangers using flow of nanofluids
Ali Haghighi Asl
Alireza Mohammadi Ghahdarijani
Faramarz Hormozi
4 1396090111454319271 Chemical and Phase Equilibria in the Process of Esterification of Acetic Acid with Ethanol in the Presence of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Alireza PourParvaneh
Mahmood Mohammadi
Majid Mahdavian
Iman Yaghoub khah
5 1396090111594219272 Performance evaluation of empirical correlations to estimate the properties of gas condensate reservoirs in south of iran
Azim Kalantariasl
Fatemeh Keyvani
MohammadJavad Amani
Hossein Vahdani
6 139609221148719619
Zahra Jamshidnezhad
Hamid Khedri
Rahim Ghasemiye
Amin Ebadi

Vol. 1 No. 4 Summer 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1396092612494119700 Flare gases management with recovery methods utilization
Mohammad Irani
Ahmad Tavassoli
2 1396112518232160837 A review on metal-organic framework nanoadsorbents and their application in dewatering processes
Zeinab Noorpoor
Alimorad Rashidi
3 139609231245419640 Techno-Economical feasibility study on heat pipes applications in operational units of Khangiran Gas Refinery
Mahdi Niknam Shahrak
4 1396092212104819622
Mohammad Irani
- -
5 1396092212191419623 Preferment of the Planning and Implementation of Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) Processes in Iranian oil and gas reservoirs by SWOT Analysis
- -
6 139611251591360833 A Review on Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Improving the Thermal Conductivity Coefficient of Nanofluids
Masoud Bahrami
Somayeh Alidoust
7 1396092212262419624 Experimental Investigation of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Light Weight Colloidal Gas Aphron (CGA)
- -

Vol. 1 No. 3 Summer 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13960823103779080 Simulation and comparison different methods separation for benzene removal
Reza Ahmadi Pouya
Seyed Mohammadreza Nemati
2 139608231043529081 Protect PLG storage tanks from the BLEVE
Arash Najafi
Saeed Taheri
3 139608231047379082 Optimization and evaluation gas sweetening unit using by genetic algorithm with quadratic search
Taraneh Jafari Behbahani
Iraj Moshrefi
4 139608231052229083 A review on the catalytic degassing processes of molten sulfur
Marzieh Shekarriz
Faezeh Tari
Saeed Zarrin Pashneh
Ahmad Roozbehani
5 139608231057319084 Technical and Economical Comparision of Cooling Methods for Outlet Hot Gas from TGT Reactor
Hamidreza Mahdipoor
Ashraf Dehghani Ashkezari
Reza Hayati
6 13960823112159085 The Influence of Molecular Diffusion Mechanism in the Production of Fractured Oil Reservoirs
Zoha Vatani
Iman Farzad

Vol. 1 No. 2 Winter 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13960823947259071 Study of Nonionic Surfactants Consist of Different Molecular Weight on Inhibitor in Ethane Gas Hydrate Formation
Farshad Varaminian
Shiva Abbasian Rad
Khadije Rostami Khodaverdiloo
Kiana Peyvandi
2 13960823957509074 Investigation and Thermodynamic Analysis of Steam Reforming of Glycerin and Ethanol for Hydrogen Production
Saeed Soltanali
Ma’some Khanchi
Amir Safiri
3 13960823104199075 Plasma Technology in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries: Research to Development Opportunities
Mahtab Gharibi
4 13960823109519076 Separation of Methane from Natural Gas by New Method of MWNT in Hydrates Process
Ahmad Ghozatloo
Mojtaba Shariaty Niassar
Mohsen Hosseini
5 139608231014529077 Investigation of Important Parameters in Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Refinery Tank Farm and Loading Unit
Javad Kasharou
Naser Saghatoleslami
6 139608231018519078 Experimental Investigation of Synergistic Effect of Amino Acid Glycine with Various Metal Salts on Preventing of Ethan Gas Hydrate
Kiana Peyvandi
Khadije Rostami Khodaverdiloo
Shiva Abbasian Rad
Farshad Varaminian
7 139608231024329079 Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Based on Heterogeneous Catalysis from Syngas
Farshad Farshchi Tabrizi
Seyed Amir Hossein Seyed Mousavi
Hossein Atashi
Sam Razmjooei

Vol. 2 No. 1 Winter 2015

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139608221342439057 A review of Unit operations and Processes of Gas Processing Plants
Mahnaz Tayari
Mansureh Sherkat Tavasoli
Mojtaba Shariaty Niassar
Maryam Behjoonia
2 1396110812193350497
Hamidreza Bozorgzadeh
Azar Shirdel Abdolmaleki
3 1396110812311450500 A Review of Sulphide Scavengers in Oil and Gas Industry
Maryam Abbas Ghorbani
Ahmad Mashadi
4 1396110812381450502 Application of Nanotechnology in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
arash Naderi
Ehsan Shekarian
5 1396110812542150503 Effect of amino acids of glycine on the kinetic of hydrate formation tetrahydrofuran
Akram Arjomandifard
Farshad Varaminian
Parisa Naeiji
6 1396110813124050505 Steam Methane Reforming(SMR) Reaction in Monolith Reactors Using CFD Modeling
Mohammad Irani
7 1396110813175050506
Reza Mosayebi Behbahani
Saeed Hajmirzayi
Houshang Jazayeri rad

Vol. 1 No. 1 Summer 2014

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139608241020509100 Mechanisms of Gas Separation by Membrane
Maryam Mirzaei
Hossein Ahadi
Mojtaba Shariaty Niassar
2 13960824102979101 Sulfide Stress Corrosion with Crack (SSC) in Heat Affected Zone in Sour Gas pipelines
Hosein Esmaeili Mazidi
Jalil Jamali
Mohammad Amel Kashi paz
3 139608241036459102 Investigating the Impact of Molecular Diffusion in Natural Gas Storage Process in an Iranian Depleted Fractured Oil Reservoir
Masoud Riazi
Yousef Kazemzadeh
4 139608241044509105 Static and Dynamic Simulation of 1, 3 Butadien Distillation Unit
Rahbar Rahimi
Shirin Bulaghi
5 13960824105129106 Gas Desulfurization Process Using ZnO Nanoparticles
Mojtaba Shariaty Niassar
Masoumeh Ezati
Sheida Morsaly
6 139608241055479107 Study of Physical Solvents Suitable for Acid Gas Removal Processes from Gas Streams
Seyed Ali Taheri
Afarin Zarei
Kazem Kashefi
Nadia Hasanzadeh
7 139608241059499108 The Modeling of the Oxidative Coupling of Methane
Mahshid Zarkesh
Hossein Brijanian
Naser Rasouli
Fatemeh Joda

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